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What’s our story?

           “Tierra del sol” -in spanish- it means land of the sun. This phrase is a nostalgic lyric from a famous Oaxacan song called “Cancion Mixteca

where you can feel the longing of being so far away from home. The feeling of wanting to return home is why our family started this business. Tierra del Sol Cuisine brings authentic Mexican-Oaxacan style food, straight from homemade recipes that have been passed down from generations to you. Not only do we stay true to our roots by sharing the true flavors of our culture, but we pride ourselves in keeping fresh and organic ingredients in our kitchen.

So come down to Tierra del Sol! We see you as family,

and let us welcome you home.





Bean, Meat, Or Veggie Tetela



Yellow mole from Oaxaca, Cooked with chayote,Potatoes, green beans, chochoyotes (masa dumplins)

and chicken. Served with rice and tortillas on the side.



Our town's traditional green mole

sauce, made with chicken broth, pumpkin seeds, jalapeño, hierba santa and other regional spices. Served with rice, black beans and tortillas


Empanada de Amarillo



handmade organic blue corn tortilla filled with cheicken breast, mole amarillo and hierba santa or cilantro



fresh organic blue corn torillas, filled with your choice of shredded chicken breast,

Oaxaca cheese, sauteed mushrooms, nopalitos (cactus) or homemade veggie stew, topped with delicious homemade mole, Lettuce, sour cream, queso fresco, red onion and avocado, served with a side of rice and beans.

Mole Enchilada

Mole Amarillo

Pipian de pollo


make your own bowl mixed with rice,

black beans, lettuce, Pico de gallo,

lemom and avocado.


Your choice of meat or Veggie.

Del Sol's Bowl


Asada (Steak). Carnitas (Braised pork).

Al Pastor (Pork marinated in chile guajillo sauce with pineaple).

Pollo ( Chicken thighs marinated in chile guajillo sauce).

d3r4Chorizo ( Home-made Mexican sausage).

Pipian de Pollo ( Chicken) Lengua (Beef tongue ).

Veggie Stew: Made with zucchini, squash, mushroom and spinach,

Sauteed in tomatoes, onions and cilantro.

Mushrooms: Sauteed mushrooms and onions.

Nopalito: Fresh cactus with tomatoes, cilantro and onion







a fresh handmade organic blue corn tortilla, filled with oaxaca cheese, served with lettuce, tomato, avovado, and sour cream.


Your choice of meat, or Veggie.



14" diameter crispy corn tortilla topped with asiento (chicharron bits)

black beans, queso oaxaca, cabbage, tomatoes, red onion, radish, queso fresco,

cilantro, and avocado, Enough for two people.



Your choice of meat, or Veggie.


Meat or veggie.

A thick handmade organic blue corn tortilla

filled with homemade black beans, cooked in avocado leaves and

chile, Topped with queso fresco and sour cream.


Your choice of meat, or Veggie.

Bean Tetela





made with fresh organic blue corn tortilla, with your choice of meat or veggie.

topped with cilantro and onion






We are a family business located at the Portland Mercado.


Our story resonates with many of the Mexican immigrants who have come to The United States in search for the American Dream. To complete the full experience of feeling at home, Tierra del Sol makes fresh handmade tortillas that are made for all of the dishes, with the blue corn at the core.


All the dishes are traditional. The menu consists of food for all diets (vegan options with a 100% gluten free kitchen) and is for all cultures. Specializing in moles, made with the spices from the Mixteca Region of Oaxaca, you can find dishes ranging from enchiladas, empanadas, to tetelas or the Del Sol Bowl. Even the tacos are renowned across Portland, being voted the best tacos

                                                                    in PDX on National Taco day in 2017. You can choose from our delicious meat choices

                                                                         of Al Pastor, asada, Pollo, carnitas, and our house made chorizo. All original recipes,

                                                                               all continued to be perfected throughout the years.


                                                                                     The seeds of this company were planted in 2013, when Tierra del Sol had its

                                                                                       grand opening at the King Farmers’ Market. Since then, we have not only

                                                                                        build up our name, and the menu, but Tierra del Sol has been responsible

                                                                                        for greatly introducing much of the Oaxacan culture to the metropolitan

                                                                                       area. Thanks to Tierra del Sol, the original house of the  Tlayuda,

                                                                                  many other restaurants have followed in our footsteps by sharing dishes that

                                                                               had not been able to make much headway.


Tierra del Sol has found much recognition after many years off hard work and effort. You can find articles in Edible Portland and the Mercury. As Well as KGW News. We share great pride in our accomplishments because of our pride in our culture. And we will continue to work hard and put Oaxaca on the map here in Portland.


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